I want to be an IRONMAN! How did I get the TRI Bug?

ironman triathlon experience blog tips run swim bike motivationSo here I Go! The second entry of my Blog is to share the story about how Triathlon changed my life, and how I got my passion towards this amazing sport.

By sharing my experience I hope you get the bug for Triathlon, share your experience too leaving me some comments, give it a go to the sport, and the most important thing have FUN while doing it!

Let me tell you a little bit from personal story: is hard to believe that two years ago I used to weight almost 90 Kg, I was a smoker, and a little bit more than “social drinker” I used to exercise once or twice a week in the gym but never committed with my health goals. Having fun for me was only going to the Pub fill me up with beer and smoke a pack of cigarettes or more. When I moved to Australia everything changed, I got interested in Triathlon while I was training to apply for the Queensland Police Service (QPS), I knew that I needed to change my attitude towards my health and be in better shape for the physical assessment. So I started to run, swim and bought a bike to go to work. I didn't make it in to the QPS and that is another story I'll share with you some day, but I always will be thankful with the QPS for get in the path of my life and completely changed my attitude to become a healthier and better human being.

As a lot of people who is new in the sport I started to train alone, my workouts came out most of all from Magazines such as 220 Triathlon, Australian Triathlete, and Triathlon Plus, always making little adjustments to fit the routines to my level of fitness. All those magazines gave me the motivation and enthusiasm to be better and improve my performance in all TRI sports. When I started to train I began to notice that I was losing weight, feeling better, breathing better and one day of November from 2010 I made the decision of totally quit smoking.

After some time of training alone I joined Vision Triathlon Club, they are based in South Brisbane (Queensland – Australia), and to be honest is one of the best choices I did. We all know this sport is called a: Lonely Sport, but I firmly believe that if you want to improve in any aspect of your life you should always find a coach. Since I got in the squad a made the decision of doing my first Triathlon, I have learned a lot and most importantly my coach and other team members help me to push harder in order to train better and finally compete.

This sport changed my point of view of life, goals (I now run an online sports store specialized on Triathlon gear: Energia Sports) and gave me fulfilment and health. How has changed your life thanks to sport?

You can do the same and achieve it yourself just by following this steps that I humbly offer you here:

  • Make the decision of change your actual fitness level and most important put it a date to start. This is the most difficult part of the process but after you do the first step everything will be downhill. 

  • Get information about the sport in magazines, Internet or get in a club like I did.

  • Start running, swimming or biking at your own pace it doesn't matter if you don’t have the best shoes or the best bike or if you just have to borrow a bike, just go out and give it a go. Find a public pool and ask for swimming classes or just simply get the ball running and start doing it again. The last time I swam before moving to Australia was when I had 6 years old, I was in Venezuela (South America) my native country, when I got back in the pool thirty (something) years later I instantly felt happy I remembered all the nice memories when I was a child back in the swimming club. Try it and I give you my word that is going to be fun!

  • Make yourself a promise to train at least 3 times per week. I know is difficult considering the modern lifestyle, commitments, and family and work and so on but remember: you are doing this for your health, think that you need to be healthy for: your family, work and to enjoy the best of life. And remember: 

"Practice makes the master"
Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind.

  •  And last but not least have fun, put a smile in your face while running, enjoy ride in your bike and the outdoors, feel the water underneath you while swimming, splash someone you don't know, don’t see it like something that "you have to do" just feel your body in motion and enjoy it :) Do you enjoy training as I do? 
See you next time and enjoy life with passion!

Oscar <-- click on my name :)


Triathlon Officer, Triathlete wannabe and starting to do Trail Running lately

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