Finding Your Ideal Running Form and Newton Shoes Review

Running seemingly is the easiest exercise to do for a lot of people. Everybody says: you just put your shoes on, your outfit and hit the road nothing more! Well let me tell you that is not that easy as you think.

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Running with my Newton Shoes

By personal experience I must confess that you need to pay attention to a few things to achieve the perfect form, be efficient and enjoy the run. With that in mind I would like to suggest you a couple of things that I used and worked well for me and hopefully could work well for you too so let me tell you my story... I can't deny that starting to run for me was tough, I couldn't even keep a steady pace of 6 min/km for more than 3 minutes. But little by little and with a lot of practice I started to develop more cardiovascular capacity and just by the fact of quite smoking I got more energy and power. A few months later a started to develop an little bit of pain in my left knee that was the time that I realize that I was doing something wrong...

So what did I do? I started to research in magazines, books and videos about how the best runners run and apply their style and technique as a model for me. As a result of that I realized that I was a heavy heel striker or fore foot striker and that running style was causing pain in my knee. Also my chiropractor told me that I have poor muscular development in my quadriceps and in sum with my heel strike my quad was pulling the ligament and causing the pain. So I needed to change!
"All changes are created in a moment-it's just that most of us wait until certain things happen before we finally decide to make a shift" -Anthony Robbins
The first thing I did was to look for a better shoe in order to improve my running technique, luckily I found the answer of those question at once by watching the videos of Newton shoes running form. I knew that a lot of people was using the barefoot running technique improving their style and getting away from injuries. To be honest they help me a lot, after check my foot anatomy and look for the perfect fit and I bought the Newton Distance a light trainer from the brand. After learning how to used it (yes you have to learn how to use them) and adapting the running form of landing with the mid section of the foot I realize that my knee pain just disappear. It was amazing! I also started to run faster and improve my cadence( I'm still working on that but definitely I'm better than I used to be). 

Stop! Look! Listen! Running Tutorial
Try it yourself give it a go to Newton running and the barefoot running style,check this videos to see what am I talking about and remember the most important thing Enjoy the outdoors, breath the fresh air and get revitalize by running. Is the best exercise and the cheapest too. Enjoy the videos I hope you like it :)

What is Forefoot Running

Run Right with Newton Running

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Happy Running!



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