Skin Strong Review: Best Skin Care Products for Triathletes

If you are a runner, cyclist, ultra-runner, triathlete or open water swimmer that use wetsuits you may know the chafing problem really well... That annoying burning sensation between your legs, armpits, buttocks, feet, and any other part of the body affected by friction during exercise or racing... and believe me I had them all.

I came across the Skin Strong (Official Product of Ironman) products six months ago and after I tried a lot of anti chafing products and I have to say that so far Skin Strong is one of the best brands for skin care for athletes, they have developed three products for different needs which are:

Skin Strong Slather:
Is a non greasy, non sticky anti-chafing cream ultra rich with vitamin E and Aloe leaf juice between other natural ingredients. This cream is perfect for cyclists and runners and you can apply them directly to your saddle, in the chamois area of your cycling shorts, or between your legs and armpits before run it (that's how I do it) doesn't stain your clothes and the effect is long lasting and refreshing. 

Skin Strong Slik Dust:
Slik Dust is a powder that reduces friction, blisters and hot spots it contribute to keep your feet dry contain Basil Oil and Tea Tree Leaf Oil it last quite a long time in your shoes. I would say that the only issue I found is that you have to shake the bottle a lot to get the powder out of the container. I mainly use it in my cycling shoes.

anti chafing skin strong dust silk powder talc shoes odour

Skin Strong Slik: 
Is a skin lubricating spray to use during and after sport activity. I personally would recommend use slik as skin lubricant before put your wetsuit on, the results are amazing and makes really easy to put your suit on.

Another great + in the Skinstrong products are the price tag, really affordable for such great quality.

Verdict: 4,8/5
fantastic products at a great price do their job really well, don't stain your clothes and all have long lasting effect.

We thank the people from Skin Strong for sending me the whole range of products. This did not influence the outcome of the review. We do offer the whole Skin Strong range of products.

See you on the next post.

Oscar Mendez

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