Best Gifts for the Triathlete Under $50!

Have you ever thought that Triathlon is a a very expensive sport? Well, I have... so I compiled this list so anyone who wants to send me/buy me a gift this Christmas have a good reference!

If your are in a tight budget have fun buying some very useful products and personally my favourites to train, I hope you enjoy my list.

Swimming Gifts - Fun gifts for the Swimmer in your Family

1. Lap counter. Watch out if your Triathlete isn't already using a fancy Garmin watch that tracks laps in the pool, then consider an affordable lap counter. This saves the stress of coming up with tricks to not lose count of my laps especially when training for long races or Ironman. Pool swimming can be repetitious, and being able to think about something else can help relax you and ease your tension while swimming so that you can focus on form and that sort of things.
2. Pull buoy.  Cheap and wonderful tool to improve body position and gain strenght in your upper body any swimmer or triathlete enthusiast will be very please with this gift. Price: around $15 to $20.
3. Swimming fins Awesome tool for improve kick and help with muscular strenght of your legs. Price: $25 $50 depending on brand and length.
4. Swim Paddles. Fantastic tool to develop strength in shoulder, back and triceps, also improve the stroke in the catch fase of freestyle. Price: $25 to $35

Cycling Gifts - Give the cyclist what it wants!

1. Speed/cadence sensor. Around 40$ish,cheap and super useful gadget to know how many spins per minute are you riding. 

2. Insulated water bottles. Super cool and useful gift for any cyclist. Price: between $14 to $25

3. Reflective vest. Useful, and a MOST during night rides, every cyclist will be really glad for this present. Price: $2 till $30
4. Smartphone handlebar bag/mount.  Awesome gift for music fanatic, Strava addicts and cyclist who always get lost during long rides (as myself) Price: $35 to $50

5. Bicycle jewelry... Will be appreciated by all those who like to show their love for cycling. Price: around $50 depending on the material their made of.

Running Gifts - Run gift run!

1. A few pairs of running socks. Awesome present for every runner! Talking about variety Compressport have a huge range of colours and styles for cycling, trail running, running. Simple but brilliant gift. Price: $20 till $30 if you pay more forget about or try to get another brand.

2. A race belt. Lovely gift for the race fanatic! Price: $8 to $20
 3. Sweat Headband. Totally useful for runners (specially trail runners) cyclist and tennis players (I know there not in the swim, bike, run gang but they are going to love this!) Price: $10 to $15
4. Non Elastic Shoelaces (Laces)Many people, such as athletes at sporting events such as Triathlon and the elderly, risk injury if they use the wrong type of shoelaces or if their sneaker laces come undone. While regular shoelaces still adorn many shoes, both are prone to coming untied and, therefore, pose tripping hazards. Check out Greeper Laces to suit the needs of your triathlete’s active lifestyle. (read my review here)

5. Hats and visors. Wonderful to protect you agains the sun and keep the sweat out of your face and eyes. Price: $15 to $35

Training or Racing Gifts - Train Hard!

1. Compression socks. Fantastic for recovery or racing any hard working triathlete will love them. Price: $20 to $50.

2. ROAD IDI talk about Road ID all the time here, especially since I was grabbed/groped while running back in May. I take my personal safety while running and cycling more seriously now than I ever did before. Road ID carries individual wristband, ankleband, or shoe tag ID tags that contain emergency contact information. They also have other safety products – I just ordered myself a new Road ID along with a flashing light for safety when running in the dark. (Read more here)

 3. Triathlon Transition Bag. Extremely useful for racing to put all your gear, nutrition, and personal belongings. Price: around $50 (choose the small ones, bigger are more expensive)

4. Foam Roller. A lot of people consider foam rollers as a torture device but is the best friend of any endurance sport fanatic to recovery, untied knots in your muscle and also for warming up. Price: $20 to $50 depending on size and form.

5. Transition Mat. A colorful transition mat will be love by any triathlete they are very useful to put all your transition gear and also to easily identify your bike and your place between during transition. Price: $5 to $10

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post, please leave me your comments.

Oscar Mendez
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