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glycomaize optimum nutrition supplement
Glycomaize - Optimum Nutrition

Glycomaize from Optimum Nutrition is a Waxy Maize Carbohydrate Matrix that is commonly used as a post or pre workout supplement to replenish (after training) or store (before training) carbohydrates in your body to support your workout, training or exercise routine.

Firstly let's define what the heck is Waxy Maize: Waxy Maize is a corn based carbohydrate with a very high molecular weight (that refers to the mass of one molecule of a substance) The high molecular weight allows it to be rapidly digest and absorb in the blood and quickly absorb in the muscle as muscle glycogen. As greater glycogen store you have the better will be your recovery.

Secondly The other ingredients in Glycomaize is Trehalose which is a natural occurred sugar containing two molecules of glucose in an alpha alpha - 1 linkage ( chemical formula) this sugar based carb is use by humans and different organisms as an energy source and protecting agent against freezing and dehydratation (tick for endurance athletes) The last ingredient is Carbogen which is a patented enzyme designed to help with the digestion of insoluble carb complex such as fibers and starches  which will help with digestion and rapid absorption of carbs in the blood stream.

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Ingredients in Glycomaize

Glycomaize is a product that a lot of bodybuilders use it for recovery and support lean mass creation. As the point of view of an endurance athlete I had to say that this product is incredibly good to support your recovery, and to be honest you can feel the effects of Glycomaize from the first intake helping you getting back on track after long training sessions.

Lastly my veredict: 4/5 The product is simple and gets the job done, and is not going to harm you or cause damage to your health, alone taste like chalk but it can be easily mix with your BCAA drinks, smoothies and protein shakes, another plus is the cheap label price: around AUD50 for a tube of 50 servings.


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