Compressport ProRacing Arm Sleeve and Arm Force Compression Sleeves

Compressport is the leading brand in compression apparel and this time bring us Compression Arm Sleeves, they come in a different range of colours (fluo, black, and white) and two models the ProRacing Arm Sleeves and the Arm Force Sleeves the basic difference between them is that the first one is mainly used during racing, have a special "watch space" to allow your GPS watch to fit in and the second one is mainly use for recovery, but to be honest both arm sleeves serve for racing and recovery the main difference is price. I use mine for racing and recovery.
compression arm sleeves white black
Compressport Arm Force Compression Sleeves

As I said before this arms sleeves were designed for training and recovery, they are build in with great elastic material with aero knitting around the front part of the biceps and forearm for better ventilation, shock absorbent seamless compression for the external part of the arm, they are ultra light, allow the expelling of the perspiration really fast during physical activities, they are antibacterial and also got the signature Compressport 3D Sweatdots useful to swipe your perspiration.

compression arm sleeves watch space
Compressport ProRacing Arm Compression Sleeves - Watch Space
Verdict: 4/5

From my point of view the main use of this compression arm sleeves is Recovery from activities such as Crossfit, weight training, for trail running, running, swimming, and cycling during hot and sunny days as they offer wonderful protection against the sun and allow you to improve the circulation in your arms during those activities. I wrongly bought them thinking that they where thermal and you can use them during winter days, well they're not if you're looking for something against the cold weather choose something else.

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