11 Tips for your First Race: Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island February 2013 Race Nº 3

Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island First Race Oscar Mendez

Courage, power of will and action, those are the only three things you need to have in your first race. 
Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island 2013 Energia Sports Oscar Mendez
Group at Swimming Leg - Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island Feb 2013

As everyone who is going to do something new or unknown I was a little bit afraid to race for the first time, is natural and no one can't deny the butterflies in your stomach when you are about to make your decision about something uncertain like to race or not race. BUT I just trusted in myself and bite the bullet!

And in one month I successfully finished two short course triathlons from the Queensland Triathlon Series in Bribie Island!

What I aim with this post is to share with you my experience and at the end tell you what I learned at the good way and the hard way from those races.

I was feeling a little bit nervous, anxious but happy and determined to finish the race. That was my attitude in my first triathlon.

The day was a typical Queensland day: nice, sunny and hot. The only thing I must confess you is I was afraid of the swimming leg, is my weakness and because of that I started to get some defeatist thoughts but immediately I just block it! That was not the time or the moment to think like that, not now not ever, instead of that I changed my mental attitude by remembering past sessions with my Triathlon squad, my training in the pool and all the improvement I got from the beginning of my training until now, and visualized myself getting out of the water nice and safe.

The alarm sound and I started the swimming, it was a little bit hard at the beginning with all the people surrounding you receiving kicks in the face, others swimmers trying to pass over me but I kept calm and did my stuff nice trying to keep my rhythm and breathing effortless. Yes, I was SLOW but calm and a few minutes later I was touching the sand and running to Transition One or T1.

Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island 2013 Swimming Energia Sports Oscar Mendez
Swimming at Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island  Feb 2013

"What a nice feeling you get by overcoming challenges! You feel revitalized and alive!"
The bike leg came and starting it was hard considering that all your blood is in your upper body because of the swimming and you have to pump it to your legs in the bike, after a few minutes I got my pace and the rest was easy I just rode enjoying the views at Bribie Island (Queensland) and did my best to recover some time lost on the swim leg.

Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island Feb 2013 Bike Leg Energia Sports Oscar Mendez
Bike Leg - Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island Feb 2013

The running is my favourite part and I felt great I invested all the fuel of my tank and gave my best. The best part was when I crossed the finish line it was indescribable in one hand you are tired and feeling really tired and on the other hand you feel happy and fulfilled for your achievement!

finish line running leg Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island Feb 2013 energia sports oscar mendez
Running Leg and Finish Line (me on the black suit on the left) - Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island Feb 2013

Now is time for me to share what I learned from my experience and give you some tips:
1.- Get some quality sleep the night before the race is important and will help you to wake up fresh. 
2.- Set two or three alarms to wake up on time on different devices (phones, alarm clock, watch). Be careful with the snooze button or sliding the iPhone screen! 
3.- If you are a coffee drinker, reduce the intake and drink just a little. That day I drank a lot of coffee and I lost a lot of fluid before the race. Remember that caffeine is a diuretic. 
5.- Have a small breakfast but nothing to heavy. 
6.- Set your transition well: Use a colourful towel next to the bike to put your shoes helmet and nutrition. Remember where your bike is please, I didn't and lost a lot of time remembering. 
7.-On the waiting for the swimming bring with you a plastic bottle with water so you can keep hydrated and trough it away before the race start. 
8.- On T1 the first thing you should do is put your helmet on. 
9.- Wait until the bike leg to drink and have some nutrition.
10.- And the most important of all: do not sacrifice your form for speed. Swim, ride and run paying attention to your form do what you did on your training.
11.- Avoid that nerves and anxiety, do not pressure yourself with being first or faster that could ruin your style or left you injured. 

Take action do your first Tri I assure you it will be a nice experience and you are going to get hook to the sport! And remember always have fun and stay healthy and active for you and for your family! See you soon!

finish line Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island Feb 2013 energia sports oscar mendez
The Finish Line - Queensland Triathlon Series Bribie Island Feb 2013



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