How to screw your body and performance following fad diets? Do Ketogenic LCHF diet without medical supervision

First a disclaimer: this blog is about my personal experience with ketogenic diet I am not a doctor or a qualified professional so if you want to change something in regards your diet go to the doctor first.

More than a year ago I started to read and research about the ketogenic diet ( Low Carb High Fat) and how it helps individuals in regards weight management and performance (the ketoevangelists say that you will become a "fat adapted" athlete and you'll not depend on carbs as main source of energy) The idea was pretty appealing to me and as a person who likes change and experiment with his body with different types of training, supplements and diet, I decided to give it a go to the miracle diet.

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I started my low carb high fat intake ditching all carbs and increasing my fat intake for six months and this is what happened to me:

1.- According to keto fans you have to wait for at least one month to become a fat adapted athlete, in my case that never happened, I felt like shit with below zero energy all day, sleepy I could not train not even more than 3 days per week.

2.- With no energy I couldn't run much more than 25 minutes ending up exhausted with elevated heart rate. Being a guy who loves to run it was really frustrating to go for a long run and come back home one hour later with only 8km on your back, felling incredibly exhausted.

3.- Bad breath, yes ketodiet and intermittent fasting gives you bad breath.

4.- And more important: My LDL levels when up to 4.4 mmol/L or 165mg/dL when normal values are 2.6 to 3 mmol/L or 100-129 mg/dL. 

Because of those values my doctor prescribed me Crestor 10mg for six months in order to down my levels to normal range and also a pretty low fat and clean diet.

Moral of the story:
1.- Ketodiet doesn't work for endurance athletes you'll feel like shit the whole day and your performance will plummet to the lowest of levels.
2.- Do not mess with your body with fad diets.
3.- If you eat fat, fat is what you are going to have in your blood.

Once again this was my personal experience, some people say it works perfectly for them and I respect their point of view but for me just let me with high LDL and on Crestor. Remember what is good for some doesn't mean that is good for everyone. Got to your doctor every time you are fancy to change the way you eat or train.

Thanks for reading and see you next time. 



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