Why Aminolast Recovery & Endurance is So Good? BCAA Superfuel (Gaspari Nutrition) Review

aminolast gaspari review nutrition bcca
Aminolast Tub

As usual let me begin with the theory and define what is BCAA: those letters stand by Branched Chain Amino Acids which are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine those are the most important amino acids for the manufacture, maintenance and repair of muscle tissue. From the three Leucine is capable of stimulate protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth but the three aminos together can produce a lot of benefits providing energy during training and workouts, research shows they can reduce the catabolic hormone cortisol and delayed muscle soreness and recover better. The recommended dose of BCAA is between 3 to 5 grams and it can be taken with breakfast, pre or post workout and before bed.

aminolast gaspari review nutrition bcca
Aminolast Supplement Facts

The Dose: As you can see Gaspari Aminolast can provide an overdose of 10 Grams of BCAA per serving apparently in the bodybuilding nutrition industry the more is the overdose the better, is this good? Maybe yes maybe not it all depends in the capability of nutrient absorption of your body if you got  good absorption you will beneficiate of the whole bunch of aminos if not you will be peeing your money in the toilet.

The Extra: The extra in this product is something called Ammoject which is a matrix of L-Ornithine and L- Aspartate (LOLA) both aminos work together to diminish the amount of ammonia by increasing the generation of  urea through the urea cycle a natural metabolic pathway to reduce the ammonia you produce during exercise, also the Aminolast contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and taurine to support with the loss of electrolytes during strenuous activities.

I tried  this product because it call my attention the amount of aminos and electrolytes it contains to be honest I must said  is pretty good stuff for recovery, I´ve tried a lot of BCAA products because I believe in the benefits for recovery  and Aminolast one is the one that I´ll buy over and over again, it has great taste you have to mix it with water, but sometimes I added to my recovery smoothies and it taste fantastic. Remember that endurance athletes are different from bodybuilder Aminolast does not have any carbohydrates something that is good for bodybuilder but not for the endurance athletes, we need to repair the lost of glycogen in our muscle and any recovery drink must have carbos so after your Aminolast remember your fruit, toast, or protein and carbohydrate shake.

Verdict: 4/5 Great BCAA, affordable price compared with other brands and does not have any stimulant or crazy stuff that gives you palpitations or tachycardia so is pretty safe to use.

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