What do you think of new Garmin Forerunner F15?

The new boy in the Garmin family is the Garmin Forerunner 15! It came out to the market last Wednesday 7th of May 2014.
garmin f15 forerunner energia sports
Garmin Forerunner F15
According to the company the Forerunner 15 is an affordable GPS watch suitable to runners of all levels with the "plus" of an activity tracker that will allow you to counting your steps and calories burned during the whole day, it can also be integrated with a HR monitor and foot pod and install and get more useful data to your daily training.

Blue Garmin Forerunner F15
Around AUD 250 with the heart rate monitor included this GPS watch/sports band is relatively cheap and at  the same time really cool appearance. Great product to start monitoring your progress in running and general fitness.

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