Lesley Paterson 6 minutes 6 pack review

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This time I would like to give a quick review from the Lesley Paterson Xterra Champion, Triathlon Coach and Fitness celebrity from Scotland 6minutes6pack program. To be honest I  never had trust in the quick abs programs or abs funky apparatus that promises a chiseled six pack in a matter of weeks BUT this program is one of a kind because is design for the endurance athlete whether you are a runner, cyclist, mountain biker, triathlete, ultra runner, this program is for you.

It is not a secret to anyone that you need a strong core to be a superb runner, cyclist or swimmer but just lay on the floor an do sit ups is just boring, that is what 6 minutes 6 pack got the difference it is fun, every workout is different and design for the beginner, intermediate and advance athlete.

The program got 6 routines of six minutes each and a tutorial of every workout were Lesley shows you how to do the exercises, the only extras you need is a swiss ball,  a pair of dumbbells or elastic bands, and the floor nothing more. All the workouts are different an target the whole core of your body and it only cost $24.

This program is amazing and I would definitely recommend to every endurance athlete looking to get an strong core by doing different exercises everytime while having fun. Here is a preview of the program.

Lesley Paterson's 6-Minute 6-Pack - Trailer from Lesley Paterson on Vimeo.


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