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After a long break I am back, I hope you had a wonderful time in your holidays and from my heart I wish you all the best for this 2014. 

The first post of this year will be about a wonderful product that every triathlete should have or at least try. I'm talking about the Greeper Laces.

Greeper Laces are a patented and revolutionary shoe laces that never come undone, they are made of 100% polyester and they are really easy to tighten.

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Greeper Laces come in every colour
After several good reviews from triathlete magazines such as Triathlon 220 and Triathlon Plus I decided to give it a go to the Greeper Laces. The first thing I noticed is the price they are really cheap compare to other brands of Tri Laces, they are really easy to put on your shoes and in T2 they are just awesome, extremely simple to tight and the most important element is the fact that Greeper Laces are NOT elastic which mean you can run better because your shoes have a solid grip in your feets compare with the elastic laces where you feel like a wobbly sensation in your shoes because they are not completely tight.

Greeper Laces have had an amazing approval by lots of pros that wear them all the time in their races such as Ben Allen at X Terra, Cat Morrison, Rachel Joyce and Caroline Steffen just to name a few. 
greeper laces shoelaces triathlon running mobility energia sports
It is a product that I strongly recommend and if you want to try them do not hesitate and jump into our online store we got all the colours of the whole range and we deliver to  Australia wide.

Here are a couple of videos for you to see how the laces work:

See you on the next post.

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