Stability Exercises for Swimmers

A month ago I attended to a wonderful swimming seminar in Triathlon Queensland lectured by Brad Beer (B.Pthy/B Ex Sc, Aus Triathlon Representative)

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This time I want to share some stability exercises that Brad strongly recommend for every swimmer in order to improve core strength, elasticity and stability three  critical points in order to be a best and more efficient swimmer.

1.-Shoulder external rotation: (3 x12 reps with scapulas drawn together- not too high 1-4kg, slow and control)

2.- Single or double leg bridges (extend hips to ceiling 3x12 each side)

3.- Band external rotation: (3x12-20 reps keep elbow fixed, do not race these, no pain should be felt)

4.- Side Bridges: (hold until fatigue repeat 3x each side, aim 1 min, progress with hand over head.

5.- Bird dogs: hold 1 minute each side, eye closed to progress or compass variations.

6.-Fire Hydrants: (build to 3 x12 reps each side, bring foot to be in line with hip, go slow for maximun benefit)

Next time I will be posting stretches for swimmers also from Brad Beer's seminar.

See you on the next post.

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