On Cloudracer Running Shoe Review Silver and Orange

When you want improvement in every aspect of your race is always good search for innovation and always try something new. That is why I want to give you my personal point of view about the running shoe Cloudracer from On Running.

running shoe Cloudracer from On Running Energia Sports
Running Shoe Cloudracer from On Running
On Running is a Swiss company of shoes  created by former duathlon world champion and Ironman Olivier Bernhard and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti they were trying to develop a shoe with a more sophisticated sole and cushioning to absorb vertical and horizontal impact. As unbelievable as it sound one of their experiments to create the shoe was gluing pieces of a cut up garden hose to the sole!

running shoe Cloudracer from On Running Energia Sports
Sole Detail - Running Shoe Cloudracer from On Running
On Running has several models for different types of training but the one I tested was the Cloudracer. At first sight the most attractive aspect of the shoe is the sole and the weight which is remarkably light. In the road you can feel the "running in clouds" sensation that is more like bouncing instead of running. The Cloudracer absorbs the impact of the surface smoothly and to be honest they are really comfortable. 

Edited 07/05/2014

Alright I already wrote about history and the good things about this shoes, now let me talk about the issues that I had after wear them for some time:

1.-I tried the shoe on muddy terrain and sometimes the mud and little stones get stock between the holes of the sole.

2.- It is a pretty expensive shoe (between $180 and $200 in Australia) for the short period of time they last. Even on the inside part of the shoe have a warning: "it may self destroy after 222 km" Sooo my advice is to used this shoes only for racing not for training or long runs because it won't last too much.

3.- They are light and semi barefoot running shoe type, if you want some support forget about them.

4.- On Cloudracer are shoes made for summer or hot days if you are going to train with them on cold weather your feet are going to turn literally blue.
 Characteristics - Running Shoe Cloudracer from On Running

Verdict: 3.8/5 Recently the magazine Triathlon 220 UK gave them and overall winner to the Cloudracer in the category of shoes to boost your race. That's right only for race not for training unless you have a lot of money to buy another pair shoes every three months. Particularly they were not what I was looking for in a shoe (support, and durability) that's why I'm not a big fan of the Cloudracer.

See you on the next post, please leave me your comments.

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