New look of Polar Flow App 3.0

If you already have a Polar you already know that today 22/03/16 the app have a new image. 

What's new: The new image is a refresh change and more stylish than the previous version, more elegant and appealing at first sight with thinner fonts in regards letters and pastel tones in colors, now you can share your training session or daily activity easily through the app to Facebook and others social media apps, you got more information about your daily, weekly and monthly activity and amazing graphics, more data to analyze for the statistics enthusiast.

Here are some of the new images taken directly from my phone:

The new image (and some of the apps I use as well 😉): 

Daily activity:

New workout image:

For the data enthusiast all the info about what you have done so far:

And for the social media lover here is where you can share with friends your workouts:

Verdict: love the new look and the easy way to access all your data and share it with friends. And remember you can have all the data you want but to use it properly you should have a goal to check your progress and see if you are on the right track but If you don't you can still enjoy all your numbers and frequently  get impressed about how was your day and how much activity you did and the sleep patterns you are having.

Thanks for reading! 😀




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