First Mile competing at the Queensland Master Athletics

In regards sports I like variety, and stay away from my comfort zone trying something different regularly, right now I'm getting myself into athletics. 

Today I ran my first mile ever. It was intense, fast and exiting. Totally recommended for the speed fanatics who wants something intense and burn glycogen fast. Is all you got in 1,6 km! 

Next week I'm planning to run a different distance at a different event. 

Here are my details from my Polar V800 greatest fitness companion ever:

Duration: 06:47.3
Distance: 1.69km

Average heart rate: 175 (96%)
Max heart rate: 168 (103%)
Average speed: 15.0 km/h
Maximum speed: 18.5 km/h

Thanks for reading and keep training! 



Triathlon Officer, Triathlete wannabe and starting to do Trail Running lately

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