Is it necessary to wear Compression when doing Trail Running? Bonus Compressport Trail Shorts Review

A couple of months ago I bought this shorts and after a fair amount of use this is what I have to say about them:

Firstly lets talk about the special features, as usual the main thing about all Compressport apparel and this shorts got several: the got a massaging fabric, the shorts are thermoregulated, they are ultralight, got a wonderful power climb silicon grip located on the front part of the thighs for use it as support while climbing, got an ergonomic pocket for gels, keys, nutrition or whatever you what to put in there. The compression is located around the whole thighs (the Quad compression is amazing) and also are hydrophobe (don't allow water to get in).

A couple of  special feature are the absforce belt and the silicon 3D grip for keep your belly in while running which I found it to be fantastic.
Trail Running short v2

After all the special stuff I have to say is that this is a wonderful piece of apparel that every trail runner, Spartan or Tough Mudder athlete should own and would love (I got mine red of course). They are perfectly designed thinking in all the needs to fulfil while your running in trails or exercising outdoors for a long period of time. 

Good things about them: the compression in your thighs and the power climb silicon grip are pretty useful, also they are wonderful for recovery after the race or a hard training.

Bad things and warning: Firstly I really suggest you to use them with underwear and secondly  as all Compressport shorts you need to measure yourself to get the perfect size for you and remember to put on the shorts similar as a you do with a wetsuit -it needs to be really tight between your crotch otherwise the friction will give you a bad rash-.
Trail Running short v2
Trail Running short v2
Verdict: 5/5 the just the perfect short for trail running, nothing more to say.

Thanks for reading and see you on the next post, please leave me your comments.

Oscar Mendez
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