Stuart O'Grady wearing his Battle Scars

This wonderful book came to the bookshelves in early 2014 and I must say is quite entertaining and inspiring, it was written by O'Grady with the collaboration of Reece Homfray, in the book you'll see Stuart's whole life narrated in first persons since his beginning in cycling in Adelaide, South Australia until the end of his career in 2013. 

The narrative is fresh, never boring and full of anecdotes from some of his great races, from time to time you'll see collaboration sections from family, fellow team members and famous riders such as Fabian Cancellara, Bjarne Riis, and many more.

Battle Scars - Book Cover
The races are narrated with such fantastic details and enthusiastic manner  that sometimes you feel that you are riding next to Stuart, one of my favourite chapters is Chapter 13 when O'Grady writes about how he won the Paris Roubaix in 2007. He also tells with big details all the pain he has suffered in crashes, heart related problems, skull fracture and blood clot during his career. Last but not least he narrates about his decision to take EPO during the infamous 1998 Tour De France, how he coped with that and all the stress he felt riding juiced and carrying illegal drugs during this particular tour and also talks about his decision to come clean about his doping in 1998 and why he took so long to do so.

Stuart O'Grady By Eric HOUDAS - Eigenes Werk
Stuart O'Grady - Tour de France 2005 
Verdict: 4/5 Its a wonderfully fresh and entertaining book you can read it really fast and enjoy it easily, recommended to those who wants to know how is the life of a professional cyclist on and off road and for those who enjoy reading about races in Cycling magazines, is a biography so do not expect to much detail about training or nutritional advice in the book.

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