How to manage injuries effectively? Use RICE... yes RICE

The best way to prevent more damage in your injuries is by following immediately this acronyms: R.I.C.E

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Managing an Injury after a Race effectively


  1. Immobilise the injured area
  2. Use splint, or a sling.
  3. By doing that you will reduce de amount of blood to your injured area, diminish the damage and allows you to recover quickly.


  1. Apply to the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes every two hours for the first 48 hours.
  2. By doing that the blood flow will be reduce to the injured part of your body, and will reduce the swelling and pain.
  3. You must apply ice by using special cooling bags, do not apply ice directly to skin because it can cause skin burns.

  1. Apply a firm wide compression bandage including above and below the injured part.
  2. Leave the bandage all times between 48 until 72 hours.
  3. Remove for application of ice.
  4. Compression Clothing reduces blood vessel constriction, bleeding and swelling.


  1. Elevation reduces the swelling and small bleeding in the area.
  2. You can achieve good elevation by placing your limb in a pillow when seated or lying or using a sling.
Let me know if any of these have helped you before.

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