Stay healthy through a huge training overload

One of the biggest problems for every triathlete is stay healthy through a huge training overload, this is particularly hard to achieve but not imposible there is a lot of factors and variables involved to have good health such as good quality sleep, train wisely, eat well, but the subject that I want you to watch is about  the function of probiotics in our gut and how they can contribute to keep a strong immune system while you are training.

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There is a lot of supported by statements from MDs and investigations related to the subject, if you please have a look at medical journals and magazines to check all the scientific facts about probiotics but right now I'll share with you this links and find out why are so important to your health.

A quick trip to your gut

Dr. Mercola talks about digestive system, probiotics and good health

Probiotics, immune health and foods containing probiotics

In my personal case I've tried Inner Health Plus which is one of the best probiotics in Australia and since I have been using it my digestive health and general well being has improved a lot.

Give a go to the probiotics you're not going to regret it and to be honest is one of the supplements that really WORKS. 

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