The Iron Minds

A couple of weeks ago I came across with the preview videos from a documentary project called The Iron Minds by Orca  featuring professional Triathletes Åsa LundströmSebastian Kienle, and Andrew Starykowicz. At first sight you can appreciate in the videos what a Triathlete mind is made of, in each one of them you can see parts of their regular training and most important of all the triathlete mindset to compete and train in this wonderful and tough sport.

Every video It is truly motivational and to be honest it gives you the urge to train and compete. The photography and cinematography of the documentary is outstanding, black and white tones mixed with color from time to time to give a more "dramatic" atmosphere with a slow piano music. One of my favorite parts is the swimming session with  Åsa Lundström you can see her technique in slow motion for swimming in a really rough sea.

It is not just the visual aspect of the documentary which is remarkable but the feeling and quotes that the athletes use to describe what makes them go harder and faster than everyone else. Sometimes you can feel them struggle to find the right words to describes such emotions something I certainly believe is hard for everybody.  I really enjoy all the previews from the documentary and I celebrate this wonderful idea from  Orca I can wait anymore to see the full length movie. Now watch the videos, I hope you enjoy them as me and share this amazing project about our sport.


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