How to Run Hills on 5 Practical Steps for Runners and Athletes

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Continuing with running workouts to put a little bit of variation and improvement to your training I want to share with you a superb training  designed to burst your cardio strength and lung capacity.

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Hill Repeats is a short but effective workout that doesn't take more than 30 minutes. Here is how you do it:

1.- Warm up for 6 to 10 minutes of easy running or jogging.

2.- Find a hill with a minimal inclination of 30 degrees and a minimum length of 100 metres.

3.- After your warm up start to run up the hill, at your 5km pace, the whole 100 metres, focus on your form, balance your arms and watch the pavement two metres in front of you. Do not watch your feets because it will cause a bad back position while you run.

4.-After you reach the top of the hill catch your breath a little bit and jog down until your starting point. Do it again 9 more times.

5.- Cool down with an easy jog for 5 minutes and you're done!

Quick and (not so) Easy.

You can do hill repeats once or twice a week. This training is tough and is not recommended for beginners with less than 2 weeks of constant running on the past.

I hope you try it and have fun!

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