My promise: Starting a Triathlon blog sharing adventures and point of views of an TRI enthusiast

I would like to start a proactive and informative Blog for customers and non-customers of my online retailer store (Energia Sports) specialised on Triathlon and general sporting goods, I would love to share with people in general my experiences as an amateur Triathlon enthusiast and share my experiences about the different gear I have tried and actually use. I will also encourage people to train and use some guidelines that have worked for me.

I promise to keep and accurate record of my races: It's been just ONE (at the moment) and I'm going to participate on the Bribie Island Tri next weekend. So, I look forward to a new entry by then.

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential" -Winston Churchill

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I'd love to hear about your Tri experiences, races or products.
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Triathlon Officer, Triathlete wannabe and starting to do Trail Running lately

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